BLOOMINGTON, Ill. (WMBD — The World War II Memorial in front of the McLean County Museum of History was rededicated 25 years later on Saturday.

The memorial has new bronze plates with raised lettering over the etched names more than 300 McLean County soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice in the second world war.

“You can read their names, you can see the people, you recognize the last names from the area and it’s really all a part of the history of McLean County,” said Mark McBride, commander of Living History Group in Bloomington.

Those names were read aloud during the ceremony, along with a military honor guard and flag presentation.

“To hear every name, there were so many of them. People gave their lives. It was the greatest generation and people have to realize that. We need to try to get ourselves back to that point I believe,” he said.

Norris Porter, acting executive director of McLean County Museum of History, said it’s important to remember the heroes who came before us.

“It helps us to remember, to remember what we are grateful for what we have and why we have it, because they gave their lives for us,” he said.

The museum also added two historic markers honoring local Korean and Vietnam War soldiers.

Porter said the ceremony gives the ceremony a sense of patriotism.

“In today’s world, politics just consumes us. We’re very divided on many fronts, and something like this everyone can get behind and remember what it means to be an American,” he said.

Porter said multiple community groups came together to make the event happen, including the Community Concert Band, Bloomington Center for the Performing Arts and multiple veterans’ groups.