Wrights Furniture hopes to reopen soon after a fire on Saturday

Local News

PONTIAC, Ill. — Wrights Furniture in Pontiac is preparing to reopen after a fire burned through the warehouse Saturday.

“Within the first fifteen minutes we had a building collapse on the warehouse,” said Pontiac Fire Department Chief Jacob Campbell.”It did have a unique roof system which is a bowstring which is very dangerous under the fire conditions.”

Campbell ended up calling 23 other fire departments for help. A total of 21 of those departments came and battled the blaze.

“Very much appreciative of all there efforts that day, they were the reason why we were able to save the rest of the city block,” said Campbell.

It took 8 hours for firefighters to put out the flames. Both the storage warehouse and the nearby Duffey Ambulance Garage were destroyed.
Fire Chief Campbell is thankful for all the support they received that day.

“Very proud of our fire department our firefighters went above and beyond what they were asked to that day,” said Campbell. “Very appreciative of all the support we received from mutual aid companies, fire, ems, and police. And very much humbled by outpouring support from the community.”

Wrights Furniture is hoping to re-open Tuesday.

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