ILLINOIS (WMBD) — This weekend a legendary WWE event is switching things up.

It’s Survivor Series, which is usually a Pay-Per-View pitting SmackDown superstars against Raw. But this year it has an NXT-style twist to it. WWE’s Bobby Lashley previews Survivor Series: War Games in an exclusive interview with WMBD’s Matt Sheehan.

“Lately we’ve had a little regime change in the WWE. Everyday is a new day for us. Triple H has so many different ideas that he’s been bringing to the show,” WWE Superstar Bobby Lashley said. “Switching up Survivor Series to War Games now, that is something exciting with the crowd.”

Lashley said Survivor Series is a great way to showcase the best of the best in the WWE.

Lashley’s return to WWE over the last few years has included multiple title reigns, and a strong faction many WWE fans want to return to action called “The Hurt Business.” Sheehan asked Lashley if he’d like to see the group return to the ring.

“I hear it all the time. It was a very cool time in wrestling. We’re fighting for it, trust me, hopefully sometime you’ll see it back together,” Lashley said.

But for now, Lashley has his eyes set on the United States Championship.

“I said I was going to bring a lot of prestige, respect, and credibility to that title. Now that Seth cheated, and people seem to forget that, I gotta go take it back from him,” Lashley said.

WWE Survivor Series: War Games is this Saturday at TD Garden in Boston. The event starts at 6:30 Central Time.