PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — Peoria Public Works is finished with year one of the nearly 20 year long agreement with the EPA to reduce sewage discharge into the Illinois River. This new project will start on S Blaine St and S Warren St and move east through the project limits. Parking on those streets will be restricted for the time being.

The CSO (combined sewer overflow) projects are focused on limiting sewage and runoff that collects after heavy storms. Combined sewers are found mainly in the oldest areas of the city. Public Works Communications Specialist Nick McMillion said that they’ll indeed target the older areas of the city with this project.

“We’re wrapping up year one down in the north valley, we’re starting on year two currently, and then next year we’ll look at year three and so on and so forth, so different areas in these oldest parts throughout the city is where we’ll be addressing the combined sewer overflows,” McMillion said.

He also said that CSO is not just a Peoria problem, but spread out throughout the country.

“These combined sewer overflows have been an issue within the city of Peoria and many other cities throughout the country, for many, many years, it dates back to when the first storm sewers and sanitary sewers were constructed in the cities,” McMillion said.

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