No parent wants to hear a diagnosis that will affect the rest of their child’s life. When the Pullen family found out their daughter, Brenly, had Autism Spectrum Disorder, they didn’t know how to comprehend it. That’s when they learned about the services offered at Easterseals.

“We’ve been here for a couple years doing different types of therapies,” says Brenly’s mom, Tiffany. “You can hardly tell that she has been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.”

Brenly’s dad, Phil, adds, “Knowing that we had a great support system and resource here with Easterseals, it’s been a big weight off the shoulders knowing that we have issues, if we have problems, that there’s somebody here.”

At Easterseals, Brenly is able to work on her sensory processing with an occupational therapist. Since she started services two years ago, she’s reached major milestones.

“It’s huge. It’s an absolute great resource. THe people here are wonderful, very supporting, and they do a tremendous job, not just with our daughter, but with all the kids that come through those front doors. They do outstanding work here,” says Phil.

From enriching her communication skills, to learning how to try new foods, Brenly continues to grow, all thanks to Easterseals.

“From the first time coming here, to where we are now, it’s just been little steps sometimes, bigger steps other times, but it’s been nothing but progress.”

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