PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — Young kids are climbing their way to the top for a spot at the USA Climbing National Competition.

This weekend, climbers from across the Midwest region traveled to First Ascent in Peoria, for the USA Climbing Rope Regionals, division 61,

Family, friends, and volunteers came out to cheer on the climbers, ages 12 and under, Sunday.

The general manager at First Ascent, Amanda Villiger said some of the nation’s top athletes in climbing, including Olympians and World Champions, have progressed through this USAC program.

Villiger said hosting regionals in Peoria is exciting for the growing climbing community. She said it’s a great chance to meet young, talented climbers from all over the Midwest.

“Some of the families who are here with the competitors this weekend have traveled quite a long way to get here, and they have probably been traveling around the last couple of months going to different competitions. They have been practicing for months, if not years, to get to this level of competition,” said Villiger.

Villiger said six kids from the Peoria area competed this weekend and the results will be announced Sunday night.