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Young mother still missing; Her family is bringing awareness to her case

PEORIA, Ill. - A young mother from Peoria is still missing, 9 months after she was last seen.

Alexis Scott has been missing since last September, but her mother isn't ready to give up.

"It's more than most of us can bear in the family," said April Scott, Alexis' Mother.

Alexis Scott's family and friends marched from the Peoria Police Department to the Federal Courthouse Monday. They want to remind the community of Alexis' case.

"I will continue to bring awareness to the fact that my daughter is missing," said April Scott. "I don't know what other mothers do, but I'm not other mothers. So I don't care. What I do care about is where is my child, and what happened to her, and why hasn't she been home in 9 months."

Alexis was last seen at a party on September 23. Her mother said Alexis' 2-year-old son talks about her constantly, wondering where she is. April said she keeps reassuring him.

"Mommy's gone," said April Scott. "She'll be back soon. I've been saying it for 9 months now."

The community has banded together several times to search for Alexis, but there's been no sign of her. People from all across Central Illinois have joined in the search.

"We're trying to help the mother and the family get some closure to this," said Bill Jones, a Peoria resident who joined in on the march.

April is now trying to get the FBI involved because she said she doesn't think the Peoria Police Department is doing enough, and she doesn't want it to become a cold case.

"I am going to keep looking until I find her," said April Scott. "Until I understand what happened, and where she is."

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