Zach Olyer talks reelection, “disappointed” city employees not required to live in Peoria

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Zach Olyer believes the city of Peoria should require employees, including police and fire, to live in the city limits.

“We lose that involvement and engagement in our neighborhoods,” said Oyler.

The incumbent councilman is one of 15 candidates vying for five at-large council seats in the city. If electect, this would be Oyler’s second term on the horsehoe. His first term included facing a $7 million budget deficit prompting council to enact cuts to police and fire departments and create a parcel fee to pay for pension costs. City Manager Patrick Urich says the budget is now balanced through 2021, but Olyer, who voted against the latter, worries about the council’s approach.

“We cannot continue to tax and fee our way out of fiscal issues,” he said. “We are on this path now that our revenues are decreasing and our expenses are invreasing, and we continue to go to tax payers and ask for more money. And that’s just more reason to leave.”

Watch Oyler’s entire interview with Eugene Daniel.

The primary election will take place on February 26, 2019.

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