Zimmerman murder trial reviews cellphone records

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The Kirk Zimmerman murder trial continued Tuesday with the defense team arguing the prosecution presented insufficient evidence. 

Zimmerman is accused of killing his ex-wife Pam back in November 2014.

After hearing from both sides, the judge denied the motion to make a directed verdict, meaning the trial will continue. Monday, the defense team said it believes officials did not do all they could to weed out possible suspects in the case against Zimmerman. 

Bloomington police officers said they reviewed cellphone records for everyone closely related to Pam.
For Zimmerman, they analyzed where he was the day his ex-wife was murdered as well as the days leading up to it.

The defense said his activity looks suspicious, because he was the only suspect whose phone was examined this closely. 

Eldon Whitlow, the man believed to have last seen Pam, had his phone taken by police. Officers said he removed location services from his phone the day before the murder. No witnesses have said they saw Whitlow during the time Pam would have been shot. 

Detective William Lynn told prosecutors he did not do any file extractions on Whitlow’s phone.

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