Zimmerman trial continues with defense challenging what they believe Bloomington police did wrong

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BLOOMINGTON, Ill. — Kirk Zimmerman’s murder trial continued Tuesday with the main premise of the Defense Counsel’s argument being that the Bloomington Police Department did not adequately weed out all of the possible suspects in this case before arresting Zimmerman.

Zimmerman is accused of shooting and killing his ex-wife Pam Zimmerman back in 2014. Tuesday, the Defense Counsel hammered that point home as multiple witnesses said today they were never called to go to the Bloomington police department for questioning. 

A man by the name of Eldon Whitlow is believed to be the last person who saw Pam alive as he had a one on one appointment in her office, with no one else present, the day she was killed. Police contacted Whitlow the next day and questioned him. He told them a brief version of what he did on the night of the incident.

Part of that account included Whitlow telling police he did chores at a friends home, visited a woman’s house, had dinner and did light construction before going to another woman’s home to sleep.
But police didn’t reach out to those women right away to see if the alibi matched up. 
In fact, they waited a week for one and 2 months for another — and both of those women say during that wait time they had a chance to talk to Whitlow about the case and the fact that he was a suspect.

Whitlow’s friend, Sheila Zunker, took the stand on Tuesday. She was asked if police asked her to come to the station for questioning, as well as if police asked her to go into an interview room that could have been recorded. She said “no” to both.

Zunker also confirmed police only gave her one phone call, and she asked if she could hang up and call them back. 

Whitlow’s girlfriend, Cheryl Morr, also testified. She said law enforcement did not reach out to her until January of 2015 and said they did not ask her to go into the station or if they could record their conversation. 

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