Zimmerman trial: Defense believes BPD contaminated evidence

Local News

Bloomington, Ill. — The defense in the murder case against Bloomington man Kirk Zimmerman believes the Bloomington Police Department may have contaminated some evidence.

Wednesday was all about DNA and forensics evidence, as the only witnesses were the Bloomington detectives who searched Zimmerman’s home, his car, and the crime scene where his ex-wife Pam was murdered in 2014.

Detectives tested a bullet shell casing retrieved from the scene to see if Zimmerman’s fingerprints were on it, and they weren’t. The day after the murder, Zimmerman’s car was seized and tested for gun shot residue. There was only gunshot residue on the gear shift in the middle console, but nowhere else.

Because of that, the defense is claiming one of the police officers inspecting it may have touched the gear shift. But the officers who performed the search of the car say no one touched the car at all that day.

Detective Martin Krylowicz said two days after the murder, he was the only one who was able to go into the car but he wore protective gloves and only touched the door handle and steering wheel. He claimed he never touched the gear shift.

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