Man says ‘bright lights, loud noise’ have made him take matters into his own hands


FARMINGTON, Ill. (WMBD) — A Farmington man says bright lights and loud noise have forced him to take matters into his own hands.

If you drive through Farmington, you might see some ‘lawn art’ going by.

It’s Arron Kevilus, speaking out about his next-door neighbors, ULM Veterinary Clinic, who he says has lights that shine into his property and equipment that makes loud noise he compares to a 747 airplane.

“If I knew back then what I know now, I’d never have bought a house here. Ever,” Kevilus said.

Kevilus says his quality of life has really gotten worse since the ULM Veterinary Clinic moved in next door.

“It’s made the price value of my house go down, it threw all my work right out the window. I’ve spent plenty of money on this house, but it’s not worth it no more,” Kevilus said.

Next Monday at 7:00 p.m., Farmington City Council will discuss an ordinance that will address lights shown in a neighbors yard from both businesses and homes.

Farmington Mayor Kent Kowal says the fight between Kevilus and the Clinic has been going on for months.

“It has been an ongoing problem, it has been for some months. A dispute between the business owner and the next-door neighbor. As to the amount of light at night that the parking lights shed on his yard,” Kowal said.

Kowal says he wants it to stop.

“We have tried to serve as the mediator in the issue between the homeowner and the business owner, and we have not come to a conclusion yet,” Kowal said.

Kowal adds the business, ULM, has made some steps to better the situation. He says it hasn’t been good enough for Kevilus yet.

“They have put up a fence between the neighbors. It’s not complete, but it will be complete this spring. They have put shields on the lights to soften the lights and restructured it from going into the neighbor’s yard. But it’s not quite enough yet, to suit the neighbor,” Kowal said.

“By city ordinance, they’re supposed to have a fence that goes completely around their property for a barrier, for all residential properties. As you can see, it’s been 10 months, and they still don’t have it done. They’re still coming up with excuses for why it can’t be done,” Kevilus said.

“I would like to see them become good neighbors, but I’m not sure that’s going to happen. Someone is going to have to come to a better understanding with the other,” Kowal added.

Kevilus says not everyone has taken kindly to his lawn art calling out city council for not doing anything about the noise and the lights.

He adds one person took a Bobcat and ran the signs over.

“Everybody else using Facebook around here and stuff like that. They’ve talked about damaging my property, that it needs to come down. If they don’t wanna look at it, they don’t have to look at it. I don’t make anybody look at anything. I don’t like at other people’s yards when I’m driving down the road, but it’s just a bunch of nosey people, ” Kevilus said.

“I did what I had to do. So I came up with lawn art because the city is now trying to come up with a new city ordinance. ‘You can’t put up signs,’ he added.

Kevilus wants to sell his home, but if he has to stay, he wants three things to happen.

“The first thing is, the lights have to come out or go off at night. Number one. They need to fix their air intake thing over there. I don’t care if they have to buy a new one, this is just going on and on. He needs to turn around and hire a union fencing company to come out here and finish that fence just like the city ordinance states,” Kevilus said.

“I had offered, prior to them building, I had offered to sell my house to the Ulms, cheap. They said no. About two months ago I went to the mayor and said I’m willing to sell my house to the city. The mayor never presented that to the city council, he just said ‘the city is not interested,” Kevilus said.

Kevilus says he has seen animals going to the bathroom in his yard on his home’s surveillance footage.

“They bring these animals around, they’re allowed to defecate inside your yard, they’re allowed to urinate inside your yard. They say they’ll pick up the defecation, but you can’t pick up the urination. I hate to tell you, that kills your grass,” Kevilus said.

The Farmington City Council meeting takes place Monday night at 322 E Fort St # 101, Farmington, IL 61531. It will start at 7:00. Kevilus hopes the City Council will hear his requests and take action.

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