PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) – Brett Grimm is running for Tazewell County Auditor, a position the former county board member once gave voters the option to eliminate.

Grimm, of Morton, is running against current auditor Shelly Hranka, in the Republican primary. Hranka has held the position for four years since her election in 2016. However, she’s been engaged in a legal battle with Tazewell County since 2018, alleging the county deprives her of vital resources to effectively do her role under Illinois state statutes.

“There’s so much discussion, confusion, complaining and arguing that there is no talking,” said Grimm, who wants to replace Hranka as auditor. Grimm says he knows how to maintain relationships and communication with the board and county leadership, even in disagreements.

In an June 2018 interview with WMBD, Hranka accused the county of “wanting the office to fail.” Later that month, the Tazewell County board decided to place an referendum on the November 2018 general election ballot that would allow voters to decide whether to eliminate the county’s auditor position. Grimm, a former board member of nearly 10 years, voted to place the referendum on the ballot; though Tazewell County voters declined to rid of the elected position in November 2018.

Grimm says the board did not vote to eliminate the auditor position, but gave citizens the ability to decide, citing a similar situation in the elimination of the Tazewell County Recorder of Deeds office in 2011.

“We now what people want. They want this office,” said Grimm.”Now we have an office that hasn’t functioned for 3.5 years. How do we make this work?”

Grimm says he’s also a “small government guy,” which is another reason he voted to place the referendum on the 2018 ballot.

Watch Grimm’s full interview with Eugene Daniel on WMBD News at Four and hear his plans for the auditor position and his response when asked if he will be able to remain impartial with his former colleagues on the county board.