‘Move with purpose,’ Local chiropractor warns of injury from shoveling snow, falling


MORTON, Ill.– Wet, heavy snow is taking over parts of the region for a few days. Meaning Central Illinoisans will have shovels and snow removing tools at the ready.

Before you rush out to shovel your sidewalk, driveway or wipe off your car, local chiropractors say you should keep in mind your body’s health. Use relaxed purposeful movements. The key to avoiding injuries is to not be in a rush.

The biggest thing is to not just jump off the couch, throw on your jacket on and go out and start shoveling. When you get out there, go slow, pace yourself, don’t feel like you have to get it all done at once. Most of the time we’re in a hurry and being in a hurry is what gets you into a probem more often than not. Pace yourself. Like I said before, the more you rush the more chance you have for problems. That goes for walking in bad weather, driving in the bad weather.

Dr. Bill Ellis, Chiropractor | Touch of Wellness Chiropractic

Instead of bending over, picking up snow, turning the back and throwing it over the shoulder, like most of us do, Dr. Ellis recommends walking while pushing snow as it’s less stress on the body. If you fall while outside, take a breath. Make sure to keep moving the body so the sore muscles don’t build up.

There’s a lot of injuries with reaching out your arm and landing on your hand because that’s our natural reaction to catch ourselves. Biggest thing is to protect your head. Smacking your head on the ground can cause concussion symptoms, amongst many other things, so tucking and kind of falling on your hind end or back will be the best.

Dr. Bill Ellis, Chiropractor | Touch of Wellness Chiropractic

For more tips to help prevent winter injuries, CLICK HERE.

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