SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WCIA) — The family of Dakotah Chapman-Green, the Illinois State Trooper who was shot multiple times in Springfield one week ago, has shared an update on his recovery.

Chapman-Green’s mother, Kris, said that her son is going through occupational therapy and physical therapy. He is also able to hold conversations while staying awake.

Chapman-Green was shot in both legs while performing a traffic stop on Toronto Road in Springfield Tuesday night. He was also beaten with the gun, suffering a brain bleed and skull fracture.

His mother said an ophthalmologist checked Chapman-Green’s eye and said his vision should make a full recovery, since there is no ocular damage.

“He has a long road, but he will endure!” Kris wrote in a Facebook post. “He is strong willed, healthy and young! This will not get him down, it will make him stronger.”

37-year-old Cristobal Santana has been charged with two counts of attempted murder in connection to the shooting, and a judge ordered him to be held in the Sangamon County Jail once he is released from the hospital.

Santana is believed to be a suspect in the Chicago homicide of his ex-girlfriend Adriana Lopez, according to Lopez’s family.