WATCHING WINTER LIVE — From snow and blistering cold last week to rain and above average temperatures this week, the New Year holiday will be vastly different from Christmas weekend.

The storm, which continually shifted north over the Great Lakes in the days leading up to the weekend, dropped more than four feet of snow in the Buffalo, NY and Watertown, NY regions and killed at least 34 people. Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz called the blizzard “the worst storm probably in our lifetime,” even for an area known for heavy snow.

Join WGN’s Chip Brewster and News Nation meteorologist Gerard Jebaily as they look back at what made this storm different from previous blizzards, and then look at what the models have in store for the country in the coming weeks.

Topics for this week’s show include:

  • What happened in Upstate New York
  • A warm-up with rain coming to Eastern U.S.
  • Multiple rain / snow storms coming to Western U.S.
  • The latest extended and seasonal outlooks

Have a weather question or comment? The second-half of the livestream is always devoted to answering what our viewers have to say. Send it in using the form below and we’ll try to incorporate it into the show.