NORMAL, Ill. (WMBD) — The Town of Normal’s council meeting had three important agenda items. The council discussed improvements for two parks, more funding for the uptown underpass project and rezoning in the wintergreen subdivision.

Recreation funds will be used to improve Anderson and Underwood Parks. Anderson Park has three tennis courts and will get new asphalt bases, nets and fencing. Underwood Park has two tennis courts which will be converted to pickleball courts. Those improvements will cost $560,788.27.

Another big item on the agenda, the Town of Normal Underpass. The board is requesting close to $3.16 million dollars from the US Department of Transportation for potential inflation costs during construction. One council member, Stan Nord, raised concerns about the increase in cost of the project.

Council member, Chemberly Harris responded, “when it comes to grant money you do go out to get as much as you possibly can… There could be a possibility of an increase in what it will cost. We don’t know. We haven’t bidded it out. But we want to prepare ourselves… cause a great community when you’re doing this type of project does its best to prepare itself.”

The rezoning of the Wintergreen subdivision was withdrawn from the agenda at the request of the contractors. If approved, it could allow the construction of more units stretching more than four acres.

The next meeting will be Tuesday, September 6.