LASALLE, Ill. — Residents near a northern Illinois chemical plant were told to shelter in place after a possible explosion Wednesday morning.

After the fire began just after 9 a.m. at Carus Chemical, located at 1500 8th Street, officials sent an emergency alert urging people who live in the city’s third and fourth wards to shelter in place.

According to police, an oxidizer has been released in the area following the incident. Officials are warning residents not to touch the substance.

A representative for Carus Chemical said it appears potassium permanganate was released during the fire and it’s not toxic.

If it is on a residence or near it, citizens can deactivate it, police said. In order to deactivate it, authorities said a mixture of one gallon of water, one gallon of peroxide and one gallon of vinegar is needed.

No injuries have been reported and everyone inside the building has been accounted for.

La Salle is located about 90 miles southwest of Chicago.

Carus Chemical produces potassium permanganate, an oxidant used to treat drinking water, wastewater, industrial process chemicals and for numerous other applications, according to the company’s website.