Scammer blocks Illinois woman from claiming unemployment benefits


MASCOUTAH, Ill. – A Mascoutah resident contacted our You Paid For It team after becoming a victim of a widespread unemployment fraud scheme affecting thousands of families in the state.

Kelly Spickard said someone used her address Social Security number and other information and filed a fake claim. The fake debit car arrived at her home. She learned the state had deposited more than $10,000 on it.

But she hadn’t even filed unemployment. She contacted the state and filed a police report about the matter. But even after that the Office of Employment Security in Illinois continued to deposit money on the fake debit card.

Things got even worse. Spickard lost her job. She had to file for real unemployment. But her claim was rejected because of the fake claims that had been filed. After getting nowhere with the state, she called You Paid For It.

We ran into a brick wall too when trying to get employment officials moving. We called in more firepower in the persons of Illinois State Representative Charlie Meier of the 108th District and State Rep. Dave Severin of the 117th District.

Both talked about how wide spread the unemployment fraud problem is in the state. They called on Spickard’s behalf. When we contacted her later, Spickard said she had received a big payment.

While she’s still due more money, she calls it a big step in the right direction.

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