Trump administration wants to crack down on flavored E-Cigs


PEORIA, Ill. — The Trump Administration is cracking down on vaping, saying it would ban the sale of most flavored e-cigarettes. This comes after hundreds of people in the United States have been hospitalized due to mysterious lung illnesses linked to vaping.

Back at home, Pulmonary Specialists in Central Illinois are doing anything they can to keep people from using them. 

These E-cigs or Vapes were created 15 years ago to ween people off cigarettes, but now teenagers and young adults are using them, not as a substitute, but for fun. This habit has reportedly killed six people and hospitalized so many more. 

“We have seen a variety of respiratory diseases from asthma flaring up to bronchitis, to a very extreme lung disease called ARDS, Acute Respiratory Distress System,” said Bhagat Aulakh, Pulmonary Critical Care Physician. “They are on breathing machines, such as ventilators to assist them.”

If you’re looking to quit smoking OSF has tobacco sensation programs to help youth and adults. The only thing you need to participate is to want to quit.

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