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PHOENIX, Ariz. (WJW) — Nearly eight years ago, an Arizona grandmother named Wanda Dench sent a text message to what she believed was her grandson’s phone number, inviting him over for Thanksgiving dinner. However, the text ended up going to a 17-year-old teen she didn’t know.

As the story goes, Jamal Hinton was at school when he received the message, and he responded trying to clear up the confusion. To his surprise, he was invited to Dench’s house for a plate, and to her surprise, he came over.

Dench lost her husband to COVID in 2020, but she and Hinton continued their tradition. The unlikely friends confirmed they are meeting up again this Thanksgiving, as they have annually since 2016. This year, however, they’re inviting others to join in the tradition.

Hinton announced on social media that he and Dench are hosting “you and a friend” at an Airbnb house in Prescott Valley, Arizona.

“Some may recognize us from our viral text mishap that led to our first Thanksgiving together back in 2016. And eight years later, we’re practically family,” the Airbnb listing says. “To commemorate our lasting friendship, we’re excited to become Airbnb Hosts and welcome new guests into our holiday tradition, creating meaningful connections in the process.”

The listing opens Tuesday at noon CST and is starts at a base price of $16 for a one-night stay. Find our more right here.