MINOOKA, Ill. (WCIA) — An Amazon delivery driver in the southern Chicago suburbs found himself in an odd situation during one his stops. He was trying to drop off a package without letting something inside the home walk out.

That something was a chicken named Fancy. The driver’s encounter with Fancy was captured on a home security camera and the homeowner shared the footage on Reddit. It can be viewed below.

Video courtesy of Amazon

The video shows that Fancy was in the garage, but not caged, when the driver arrived and opened the door. Fancy, who the homeowner said is super friendly, ran from the back of the garage to the front and then walked out in front of the driver. He placed the package inside the garage before turning his attention to Fancy, starting a back-and-forth encounter.

On three separate occasions, the driver picked Fancy up placed them inside the garage, only for Fancy to follow him out. After nearly a minute-and-a-half, the driver was finally able to close the door without Fancy getting out again.

Amazon officials said the driver credited his work at a petting zoo for his ability to handle the chicken. The homeowner’s post on Reddit has over 24,000 up-votes.