LA SALLE, Ill. — The cleanup continues in La Salle after a massive fire broke out at a chemical plant Wednesday morning.

Officials are still unsure what caused the fire and are testing the air and water quality to narrow down the source.

Residents say they heard several loud explosions followed by witnessing massive plumes of black smoke from the carcass chemical plant. Police said employees were able to get out but one firefighter suffered minor injuries.

A spokesperson said the fire started in the warehouse but did not share what started it.

The chemical plant itself produces potassium that is used to treat drinking and wastewater. The fire released a green-like substance that fell on people’s homes, yards and cars.

Police warned the community not to touch it and that it can be washed off with a mixture of equal parts, water, peroxide and vinegar but residents are concerned of long-lasting damage.

“For them to say that they would let their dog in their backyard and eat the grass where that stuff fell on, I find that really appalling,” Jamie Hicks, a nearby resident said.

Officials are expected to provide an update at 2:00 p.m. Thursday afternoon.

Anyone who wants updates can also call 815-224-6662.