Neighborhood House, Common Place merging services, clientele to better serve the community at large


PEORIA, Ill.– Two Peoria family centers are combining their resources to better serve the community at large. Neighborhood House and Common Place will be merging their missions to serve local people at every stage of life.

The January 1 unification means Common Place will dissolve as Neighborhood House absorbs their clientele and services.

By combining our administrative resources, more dollars can go directly into the education, financial stability, and health programs that benefit our community as a whole.”

Todd Haller, Vice Chair | Neighborhood House

Doug Hanley, Common Place board chairman said, this merger will be a long term solution to ensure sustainable growth for the 61605 zip code.

“This idea came to us really probably late last year and it’s all driven by the sustainability of programs,” said Hanley. “We’re really excited to continue to see those programs serve this community and more importantly grow within this community.”

All Common Place programs, administrative practices, etc. will end Dec. 31, 2019. Common Place has been in existence since 1967, which focused on educational achievement for all.

On Monday, November 25th at 1:15 p.m., Neighborhood House CEO Becky Rossman will share a community changing announcement at 1020 S. Matthew St. Peoria, IL 61605.

Details are few at this time.

This story will be updated.

More about Neighborhood House

Since it was established in 1896, the Neighborhood House was many things to many people. Before other organizations were formed, we were the ones that taught dance, was the place to go for sports, provided services for individuals with both physical and developmental disabilities, and started the first medical clinic on the south side of Peoria.

“Our founders were really progressive,” said CEO Becky Rossman, “The Industrial Revolution was in full swing and they knew people needed basic necessities, as well skills to get jobs and provide for their families.”

For the past 40 years, Neighborhood House has delivered meals to homebound seniors and disabled adults. Meals on Wheels is now our largest program, serving over 1,000 seniors a year. Currently, we are taking a step back in time and re-establishing much-needed programs that were changing lives 123 years ago. We are helping adults gain the skills needed to obtain and maintain employment. Through Summer Camp, After School Meals, and Summer Meals, we are keeping children off of the streets by providing a safe place to eat a nutritious meal and have fun. Neighborhood House is continually evolving, responding to the needs of the times, and this is what ensures that we will forever be one of Greater Peoria’s strongest institutions.

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