OSF HealthCare Seeks Agreement with Meridian


PEORIA – OSF HealthCare, after months of discussions with Meridian, has issued a notice of termination.

This comes after many years of OSF accepting Meridian Medicaid and Medicare plans at its facilities, physician offices, and Home Care.

To avoid having its contract automatically renew with provisions that do not align with the Ministry’s current strategy, OSF HealthCare has issued a notice of termination to Meridian; effective December 15, 2019.

“We have worked for months in good faith with Meridian to renegotiate contract language that includes acceptable provisions,” said Randy Billings, OSF HealthCare senior vice president of population health. “Unfortunately, we have not been able to reach agreement with Meridian. Therefore, the OSF agreements with Meridian will terminate as of December 15, 2019.”

Meridian members who want to remain with OSF providers can choose a different managed Medicaid plan during the open enrollment period, which is now under way. OSF HealthCare participates in numerous insurance plans across multiple locations, including other Medicaid managed care products.

A complete listing of insurance plans accepted at OSF facilities can be found online.

Additionally, OSF will work collaboratively with Meridian and its members, especially those currently receiving treatment at OSF, to ensure a safe and clinically appropriate transition of care as needed.

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