Peoria business owner responds to being attacked Thursday night; spreads message of positivity


PEORIA, Ill. — After the owner of Herbal Life protected himself from an attack in his business Thursday night, he wants to spread a message of positivity to the community.

Just two months ago, Angel and his wife Maria opened the store on W. Main Street in Peoria with a goal in mind to help people make healthy life choices.

That’s why last night, it came as a shock to Angel when he was attacked in his own store.

Angel tells WMBD’s Matt Sheehan a teenager, who Peoria Police say is 16-years-old, punched him in the face multiple times and threw him to the ground.

He believes the kid wanted to rob his store.

Angel said the kid had asked him for a job, but he didn’t have any employment opportunities currently so he offered to train him in making smoothies and selling products.

He also says the juvenile was hungry, so he made him a smoothie for free. He says the kid left, and then came back later on in the night very angry. That is when he began swinging at Angel.

Angel then drew a knife he uses to cut fruit with for smoothies and swung the knife at the boy, cutting him multiple times.

The juvenile ran from the store and was later arrested at Church’s Chicken.

The boy suffered minor injuries and was taken to the hospital.

Angel had a cut on his hand and two gashes on his face Friday from where he was punched.

Angel tells WMBD they are going to install cameras on the building and close the shop earlier in the day.

Angel says the goal of his store is to help people live a positive life, and that’s how everyone should live.

He never expected this to happen to his business and hopes it doesn’t happen to anyone else.

In the police report, it mentioned there could be video footage of the incident. WMBD requested to see the video footage via FOIA.

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