Peoria community reacts to hometown NBA star’s retirement.


PEORIA, Ill. — Residents are showing support for former Golden State Warriors point guard Shaun Livingston after he revealed he’s hanging up his jersey.

Friday Livingston made the unexpected announcement via social media that he’s ending his 15-year-career in the NBA.

This announcement came as a surprise, not only to his national fan base, but also to his Peoria family.

Livingston graduated from from Peoria High back in 2004 and has always come back to his hometown to show support.

Many of his philanthropic efforts include hosting annual local basketball camps, community bike rides, donating “Black History Month” t-shirts to schools, donating money his elementary school’s gym, etc.

Peoria high athletic director, Brien Dunphy, has worked with Shaun on many occasions and said although Shaun is a star on the court, to the Peoria community he’s more of a friend.

“He’s very humble like that, very approachable,” said Dunphy. “It doesn’t matter who it is. He takes time out with his foundation … the Peoria foundation. He’s had golf tournaments. He’s constantly doing fundraisers to give back to our community.”

Dunphy also mentioned many students at Peoria High were disappointed by Shaun’s announcement as they were happy to see a hometown legend representing them in the NBA, but nonetheless they support him one hundred percent.

He said he doesn’t believe this will affect Livingston’s continuous presence in the Peoria community and Shaun is a reminder community that anyone can achieve their dreams.

“There’s always that realization that Shaun grew up right down the street. No matter where you live in Peoria … He’s Peoria Illinois,” said Dunphy. “And if he can do it and put on that professional uniform, so can that football player; so can that can tennis player; so can that skater. He’s just an inspiration for all of us.”

He also says he looks forward to a long partnership with Shaun and his foundation.

The Peoria Public Schools District 150 posted on its Facebook page wishing Shaun a great retirement.

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