PEORIA, Ill. — Michael Williams has been identified as the suspect from Monday morning’s hit-and-run at Glen and Sheridan in Peoria.

Williams was cited for driving under the influence of alcohol, leaving the scene of a crash involving injury, failure to report crash to police, aggravated reckless driving, speeding 35 miles per hour over limit, disobeying traffic control signal, operation an uninsured motor vehicle and failure to reduce speed to avoid a crash.

Peoria officers went to N. Jayar Drive in an attempt to locate Williams. When police arrived, they found the listed vehicle running in the driveway.

Officers found Williams in the backseat with a bloody left elbow and arrested him. They then interviewed him at the station.

The driver of the other vehicle who was entrapped had a broken rib and possibly a concussion according to the police report.


A crash leaves one driver trapped inside her car early Monday morning.

It happened just after 1:45 A.M. First responders found what they consider a major two-vehicle collision. One driver was trapped, the other fled the scene. Firefighters used hydraulic tools to remove the trapped woman in less than 10 minutes.

The crash injured her neck and pelvic area. Paramedics took the unnamed woman to OSF St. Francis Medical Center.

Peoria Police are still investigating. Right now, there’s no additional information on where the driver that escaped might be.