Peoria parents worried after moldy food served to kids in school; food company denies responsibility


PEORIA, Ill.– Multiple parents in Peoria took to social media to report moldy food served to their kids at school.

There’s a couple of pictures going around Facebook right now. Moldy banana bread and discolored sausage to name a few.

WMBD’s Matt Sheehan spoke with a mother whose daughter attends Glen Oak Learning Center, who says her daughter ingested some of the moldy wrapped banana bread on Thursday Sept. 19.

“She opened it, started eating it, and then immediately started crying and spitting it out. I’m like ‘what’s wrong? Are you okay?’ She says ‘There’s too many blue dots on it, I can’t eat this,” said Natalie Milor.

“I was informed it was an afternoon snack provided to her kindergarten class,” Milor added.

At first, Milor was worried about her daughters’ health, but after other parents said their kids experienced problems with their food, she realized this was a much bigger issue.

“I had posted a picture online and then got informed of other food that was moldy. There was sausage from Glen Oak I know, and there was other people that posted that they had heard stuff from their kids,” Milor said.

Sodexo is the food company Peoria Public School uses.

The General Manager of Sodexo School Services in Peoria Public Schools Mark Streamer says “What we’ve deciphered from this, we don’t know who served this to the child.  But something happened where that was held for a period of time not refrigerated,” said Streamer.

Streamer was aware of the picture of the sausage, and wonders if it was just the way the photo was taken.

Streamer adds the product is pre-cooked, then is cooked up to temperature.  It should be seasoned or ‘pickled’ so it stays pink but is cooked to be able to be eaten.

There is a third photo circulating Facebook of what appears to be a ham sandwich on a tray. Streamer does not believe this was served at any Peoria Public Schools and is not something Sodexo serves kids for lunch.

“This was food that had been given to a kid, that was out of our control, that had been held onto for a period of time,” Streamer says.

He adds that 500-600 breakfasts are served every morning at Glen Oak.  Product comes in frozen, comes in to Peoria High, then is served to the kids at Glen Oak 1-2 days later.

Streamer says both Sodexo and Peoria Public Schools have reached out to the parents involved.

“You still need to check what you’re feeding these kids. It never should’ve made it past point B. Point A delivered it, it should’ve never made it past point B to point C, which was my child,” Milor says.

Milor says she hasn’t lost faith in the school district, but wonders how this food made it to her daughter.

“What’s gonna be done about it? Is it who they’re getting the food from? Is it first in first out? Are they not following that protocol? What does the rest of the food look like that you’re feeding our children? We’re entrusting you with our kids throughout the day,” Milor said.

Milor said her daughter started experiencing some medical problems in the next couple of days.

“She has been potty-trained since she was two years old and never has had an accident. She has had accidents to where she just can’t control it,” Milor said.

Sodexo serves millions of meals a year, and hopes to get the word out there to anyone who hands food to the kids.

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