ILLINOIS (WMBD) — Illinois’ 17th Congressional district has become a political battlefield this election cycle.

Before we get to the November General Election, candidates need to win their own party’s nominations here in Illinois this June.

IL-17 Democratic candidate Jonathan Logemann joined WMBD’s Matt Sheehan for a recorded interview Thursday morning. His On the Record segment aired on WMBD News at Noon.

Question: You’ve got quite the unique resume, being a part of the Illinois Army National Guard. You actually had to take some time off the campaign trail to go train. Can you tell our viewers about that?

“When I’m called to serve, that’s why I signed up for the Illinois Army National Guard. That’s part of my commitment to service. What makes me a strong candidate, is because when I’m called to serve, I’m there,” Logemann said. “It’s happened in the classroom before when I was in the classroom, I had to be removed from the classroom for some training and missions. That’s just part of who I am.”

Question: This experience has encouraged you to emphasize support for veterans. Your website said you want to fully fund the VA, and ensure veterans get all the care they need. Can you speak to that for a minute?

“Currently I’m a Company Commander in the Illinois Army National Guard. I see some issues that some of my soldiers deal with getting their own benefits. We need to make sure we can fund some of those benefits and mechanisms to take care of and support our soldiers. Every soldier has taken that oath to defend state and country, we need to make sure that as a state and as a country, we are there for our service members. We’ve been at war for the last 20 years in Iraq and Afghanistan. Taking care of a lot of our service members who have been to Vietnam. As our service members get older, we’ve got to make sure we are taking care of them after the deep commitment they gave to their country,” Logemann said.

Question: Your training in the Army National Guard also has you focusing on pandemic preparedness. What would you do, if elected to Congress, to ensure the U.S. is prepared for any global health challenges?

“It comes back to funding and making sure we support a lot of these preparedness programs. We talk about that in Rockford. Natural disasters and other catastrophes in different areas. To make sure we’ve got adequate responses to future pandemics or catastrophes. That comes in with some of my training. Making sure we’re not gutting these very important programs. We see when they are gutted, and we need them, if the government is not there to help support our livelihoods and keep us safe, there are some big problems we’ve got to fix. COVID-19 has exposed this,” Logemann responded.

This is just part of the interview between Sheehan and Logemann. Sheehan is profiling the IL-17 Congressional Democratic Primary, where Logemann will be a part of that full report in the near future.