BENSON, Ill. (WMBD) — A Benson man is looking to be your next State Representative.

Don Rients is running as a Republican for Illinois’ newly-drawn 105th District. Rients joined WMBD’s Matt Sheehan for his segment, On the Record.

Rients gave viewers some background into who he is and why he chose to run.

“I’ve lived in the district my whole life,” Rients said. “I live between Benson and Minonk. I have six children, married 33 years to my wife Theresa. I went to Illinois Valley Community College up in Oglesby. Then I was a prison guard for six years, most of that time was in Pontiac.”

Rients went on to work as an ATS for Caterpillar, and has now been at an insurance company for more than 30 years.

“I’m also the President of the Benson Fire Protection District,” Rients said.

Rients said the main concern voters are talking about right now is taxes.

“People want to be left alone. They want to live free and not be harassed by the government,” Rients said.

Rients reacted to Governor J.B. Pritzker’s recent signing of the State’s 2023 budget.

“Well, it’s an election year. He gave the tax breaks, 2.2 cents/gallon for six months, until the election cycle is over,” Rients said. “If you’ve got a child credit, $100 per child, whatever it is. Property taxes, he’s giving a little property tax money back. I’ve calculated it, I’ll get about $500 back. You got to remember, it was your money to start with. He’s not giving you something, he’s giving back what was yours to start with.”

Rients did say the 2023 budget was a “little better” this year, but said it’s mainly due to it being an election year.

Rients also talked about his main priorities if elected into the position. You can hear all that from him Friday morning at 5:40 on WMBD This Morning.