ON THE RECORD: Rep. Rodney Davis discusses election lawsuit from Texas, COVID-19 relief package, student loans

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WASHINGTON D.C. (WMBD) — In the latest attempt to overturn the Presidential election, 126 Republican House members signed onto a brief alleging voter fraud and irregularities.

That “brief” was a lawsuit that came out of Texas. Louisiana Congressman Mike Johnson (R-LA) gathered more than 100 colleagues to sign onto the lawsuit supporting President Trump and asking the Supreme Court to look into the claims made into the alleged voter fraud.

Two lawmakers signed onto the brief were Republican Congressmen from Illinois. Rep. Mike Bost (R-IL) and Rep. Darin LaHood (R-IL).

On this week’s segment of On the Record, Matt Sheehan spoke with Davis about why he did not sign onto the brief.

“I had some concerns about what did this mean for states like Illinois in the future,” Davis said. “When you look at a lawsuit like that, Texas and other states were joining to actually overturn the election results in other states. I thought it was an issue that got to the federalist portion of our constitutional republic, and I didn’t think it was a good precedent to set. Clearly, the Supreme Court agreed with me.”

Davis is a ranking member on the Committee of House Administration, and within that, a member of the elections subcommittee.

In July, Davis said there was no chance the election could be delayed when Trump seemingly questioned whether the election should be delayed.

On Monday, Davis gave a similar answer on if there was ever any chance the 2020 election could have been overturned.

“I don’t think so,” Davis said.

“You look at the State of Georgia for example. They’ve run three statewide presidential race recounts in the same time California and New York still haven’t decided congressional races. We’ve been fighting the Democrats in Washington and their attempts to nationalize our elections. The fact we have decentralized elections makes them safer, makes them fair.”

Davis cited California for having new election rules, where “it seemingly doesn’t end election day, or end election month,” saying it’s something the nation should address.

As millions of Americans await a potential relief package to be passed this week, Davis said he’d be willing to listen to any offer in Washington D.C. if it would include opening up the PPP program again.

He said he’s not opposed to stimulus checks being a part of the package. He said he would be supportive of the checks if it helps get “some good provisions” in the package.

“I’ve just been frustrated by the lack of effort from Speaker Pelosi who admittingly said she delayed any possible COVID relief just to see who the next President who would be and to possibly pick up seats in the House, which she did not do,” Davis said.

One thing Davis said he is fighting for is to make a provision he put into law back in the CARES Act permanent.

“[The provision] allows employers to help their employees pay down their student debt. They’re actually incentivized to do it. The employees get up to $5,250 of that debt paid, tax-free. This is something I believe will help to grow our economy once we’re out of this pandemic,” Davis said.

Davis believes this idea of attracting companies to help pay off student debt is a much better option than just “canceling student debt.”

“I think the provisions I put into place are better for the long term,” Davis said. “Just canceling debt means that somebody else has to pay for that. The provision I’m trying to make permanent will allow employers to actually use it as a recruiting tool to get the best and the brightest to come work for them. And it’s a voluntary, private-sector approach to dealing with a crisis where our student debt in this country actually outnumbers all auto and credit card debt combined. We need to do something.”

Rep. Rodney Davis (R-IL)

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