A local business hosted Governor Bruce Rauner for National Small Business Week on Friday

Governor Rauner toured Nord Outdoor Power, where he called small businesses the backbone of the state. He said the state’s need for more jobs and higher family incomes will be driven by small businesses. Rauner also called for workers’ compensation reform, to help keep companies from leaving, while also bringing in new ones.

While at Nord Outdoor Power, Rauner refused to comment, on presumptive presidential nominee Donald Trump saying, “I’ve said everything I’m going to say about the Presidential race in the past. I’m not going to comment on the Presidential race. I’m focused 100 percent on the state of Illinois.”

He did confirm that he was not going to attend the Republican Convention in Cleveland. He said his focus is on bringing reform and businesses to Illinois, and that his decision to not go to the convention has nothing to do with the presidential race, but that his time would be better spent visiting companies interested in relocating to Illinois.