Rep. Darin LaHood responds to the airstrike that killed Iran general Soleimani


BARTONVILLE, Ill.– On Friday, the United States conducted an airstrike in Baghdad, Iraq that targeted and killed Iranian general, Qasem Soleimani after an Iranian attack on a U.S. embassy. The decision by President Trump has left Democrats and Republicans divided.

On Saturday, WMBD caught up with Congressman Darin LaHood and like many Republicans, supports President Trump’s decision.

“I give the President a lot of credit for his bold and decisive leadership in taking out this general. He has blood on his hands, and taking him off the battlefield was important to do,” LaHood said.

LaHood also says the President had no other choice.

“Particularly after our embassy was attacked; after the President got word that our diplomats and military personnel were at risk in the Middle East, this type of action needed to be taken,” LaHood said.

He wants Americans to understand the full reason behind the President’s decision.

“People need to understand this general, Soleimani has killed hundreds of American servicemen and women in Iraq and the Middle East,” LaHood said.

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