‘Short Gut Ninja’ has successful small intestine transplant


OMAHA, NE. (WMBD) — Lamon O’Neal, a student at Lincoln Elementary School in Morton, has Short Gut Syndrome, a disorder caused by a lack of a functional small intestine.

In April of 2019, we brought you the story that Lamon was on a waiting list for a transplant. 

He has successfully made it through the small intestine transplant! It has been one week since his transplant, his parents make posts on Facebook giving the community a daily update on how he’s doing.

“We will live in Omaha for a year while Lamon recovers, and that is a year he is dreading being away from his friends and the staff here at Lincoln.  But luckily there is Facetime and Google Classroom that will keep him connected while he is gone,” said Lamon’s mother last April.

That is where the family is now, and where they will be for another year as Lamon’s body accepts the new small intestine transplant he received.

Lamon’s family has created a Facebook page called “Short Gut Ninja,” which combines Lamon’s love for American Ninja Warrior and his condition, Short Gut Syndrome. 

If you’d like to learn more about Lamon’s story or purchase a Short Gut Ninja shirt, we have the link to the Facebook page here.

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