DECATUR, Ill. (WCIA) — A family of eagles was left without a nest on Tuesday.

There wasn’t much left of it after it fell to the ground. The bird you see in the nest is the only one that stayed. A second bird safely made it to the ground – and it’s being cared for at the raptor center in Decatur.

The third eagle broke both wings after falling and is being treated at U of I’s animal clinic. The raptor center built a new nest for the birds. They said they build nests all the time, but they’ve never made one for a bald eagle.

Raptor Center Program Director Jacques Nuzzo said, “We’ve done it with gray horned owls we’ve done it with barred owls and red tail hawks. This would be the first time we’ve done it with an eagle. I know other people have done it and it works so we had to build a temporary nest, but there are no plans for temporary bald eagle nests so we had to invent it as we went along.”

The nest they made is 6-feet in diameter which is about the size of a starter nest for a bald eagle. Nuzzo said the nest that fell was probably close to 8-feet long. The new nest will go up on Thursday.