Bustos announces that she will be bringing a guest to the State of the Union Address

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MOLINE, Ill,– Rep. Cheri Bustos (D-Illinois) announced that Cindy Ramos will be her guest at President Trump’s State of the Union on February 4th, 2020.

Cindy Ramos is a local advocate with the American Diabetes Association. Ramos has diabetes, and with soaring prescription drug prices she has struggled to pay for her insulin.

“After seeing first-hand how insulin prices impact the day-to-day lives of so many Americans, I knew I had to take action. I became an advocate with the American Diabetes Association to raise awareness and fight for those who need a voice – like I did,” Ramos said.

Ramos is happy to work with Bustos to help bring the topic of affordable health care to the national conversation.

“Congresswoman Bustos has been that voice for us in Washington. From working to pass transformative legislation to putting accessible and affordable health care front and center of our national conversation, Congresswoman Bustos has been fighting right by my side,” Ramos said. “At this year’s State of the Union address, I hope the President will speak to those of us fighting for lower prescription drug prices.”

Rep. Bustos said she sees how Americans are worried and hopes to make life-saving medication more accessible.

“Americans are worried – and they have good reason. As drug prices skyrocket, people who depend on prescription medication – like Cindy Ramos – often find themselves choosing between rationing their insulin or paying the bills,” Bustos said. “House Democrats have passed the boldest prescription drug bill in a generation – as the President plans to address the nation, I hope he considers joining us in working to make life-saving medication more accessible for all.”

Rep. Bustos has been a strong voice for healthcare and has highlighted the unique healthcare needs of rural areas. Last year she held a roundtable discussing health care and prescription drug prices in Peoria.

You will be able to watch President Trump’s State of the Union at 8:00 p.m. Tuesday.

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