SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WMBD) — The Illinois House approved a plan to modernize the FOID card.

If the governor signs it, gun owners who give state police their fingerprints would see automatic renewals.

Advocates say it would cut down on the backlog of gun owners who are waiting to get their cards renewed.

“The backlog of FOID applications creates unnecessary hassles for responsible gun owners—a concern which has been raised to me by many people,” said Sen. Dave Koehler (D) in a press release. “It also creates extra work for the Illinois State Police, whose first priority should be keeping firearms out of the hands of people who are a danger to themselves and others.”

Opponents of this bill feel it will not fix everything proponents say it will.

“This has been called the fix the FOID bill. It’s not going to fix the outstanding problems that people are experiencing when it comes to actually getting their FOID cards. It’s also not doing anything to increase the penalties on individuals who arrested on gun crimes without a FOID card. It’s not doing anything to mandate prosecution of people who are arrested for gun crimes while

This idea will only make fingerprinting voluntary. People will not be required to give the police their fingerprints.

Gun safety advocates have pointed to a Johns Hopkins study that found fingerprinting can strengthen the background check and cut down on gun violence.

The new FOID card can also be carried on a smartphone.