Illinois Supreme Court recruiting Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer

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(WMBD) — The Illinois Supreme Court announced Monday that they are recruiting a Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer (CDIO) for the Judicial Branch to address racial justice from the administrative side.

The court said the CDIO will proposing practices and procedures for protecting constitutional rights and work directly with the administration to achieve their strategic goals regarding diversity, equity, and inclusion.

In a statement, the court said this was only part of a long-term process in its ongoing mission to address administration accessibility, fairness, and equitability. They cited the Preamble to the Illinois Constitution and said the benefits extended to every citizen, no matter their race.

Racism exists, whether it be actualized as individual racism, institutional racism or structural racism, and it undermines our democracy, the fair and equitable administration of justice, and severely diminishes individual constitutional protections and safeguards of full citizenship with the attendant rights and benefits sacred to all. People of color have no less expectation of fairness, equity and freedom from racial discrimination than others, yet they are continually confronted with racial injustices that the Courts have the ability to nullify and set right.

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