SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WTVO) – Nearly 2,700 Illinois driver’s licenses have been suspended in the last two months. The reason? Lack of insurance.

Those drivers were caught by the Secretary of State’s new electronic verification system that launched July 1.

Prior to the new system, about three percent of car owners were randomly verified every year. Now it is entirely automated, and checks every driver in the state twice a year.

The Secretary of State’s office says the change was put in place to hold all uninsured drivers accountable, and to keep them off the road.

“One of the worst things that happens to someone is when they get involved in a crash and the person who hits them does not have automobile insurance,” said Illinois Secretary of State Spokesperson Henry Haupt. “This program definitely and strongly encourages everyone to get automobile insurance, because if you do not have it, it will catch you and your license plates will be suspended.”

The program is paid for by insurance companies and puts no burden on taxpayers, according to the state.