Senator Durbin speaks about infrastructure bill

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Dick Durbin

(WMBD) — Senator Durbin held a call on Friday to discuss his plans for the infrastructure bill.

The bill will cost $1.2 trillion and it is the first time in five years a federal infrastructure bill has been created.

Durbin said it was started with a bipartisan group, who negotiated for six weeks to come up with this agreement and they negotiated directly with President Biden.

It’s less than what Biden was hoping for, however it may be supplemented by a second action, called reconciliation, in December.

The bill highlights:

  • An enhancement of spending $550 billion over the next five years
  • $89 billion towards CTA, Metra, Pace, and bus services
  • $66 billion to expand and modernize passenger rail
  • $25 billion to modernize Illinois airports and expand O’hare terminals
  • $55 billion to eliminate the nation’s lead service lands and pipes
  • Investments in bridges
  • $17 billion in ports and waterways
  • Investments in electric chargers for electric vehicles
  • Investments in school and transit busses
  • Connect Americans to reliable, high-speed internet

The bill has not passed yet, however, Senator Durbin said 1/3 or 17 of the republicans will be voting with the democrats. He said if they lost eight of those votes, the bill will not pass.

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