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ROSSVILLE, Ill. (WCIA) — When a man’s health took a turn for the worse, his wife gave him her full support. That is, until she found out she could give him exactly what he needed to live.

Stacey and Rachel Kloth always believed they were the perfect match. Last week, that belief took on a whole new meaning.

The two went to the same school, worked at the same place, and eventually fell in love.

“He was really compassionate and caring, and really funny,” said Rachel. “I was laughing all the time.”

They tied the knot in 2009. Since then, they’ve been busy raising three kids. But in 2015, a diagnosis turned the tides.

“They did a bunch of tests and realized that I had heart failure and kidney failure at that time,” said Stacey Kloth.

Stacey was fighting for his life. But he also fought with doctors…who constantly told him he needed new kidneys, but his heart wasn’t strong enough for the surgery.

Stacey got fed up with it. “I just basically told them I feel like I’m a statistic to you, I feel like you’re just letting me die. So we need to do something.”

A new appointment was made, but right before he got there, he found out he was approved for a transplant.

“We thought it was some kind of joke actually,” said Stacey and Rachel.

The craziest thing though? Finding out Rachel was a match.

“It was kind of like a no-brainer,” said Rachel. “I was so excited to be able to be a donor. I’ve had people ask me about it…saying ‘I just think it’s crazy that you would do that.’ I think that if you’re in a relationship and you wouldn’t do it for your significant other…you should really re-evaluate your relationship.”

Rachel’s hunch was right. The operation was a success.

So was Stacey’s hunch about Rachel (since the beginning). “This just proves that we were made for each other, and this is why we’re together,” said Stacey.

Stacey’s heart is still weak from surgery, but his love for Rachel is stronger than ever.

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