WASHINGTON, Ill. (WMBD) — City and state leaders announced Friday that $4 million is headed to the city of Washington.

Illinois congressman Darin LaHood stopped in the city to announce the funds for a long-over due infrastructure project.

Gary Manier, Washington’s mayor, said drivers have been riding down a risky road for years

“Nofsinger Road Project is a life safety issue for us,” Manier said.

He said the Nofsinger Road, which connects to Route 24, has been a problematic spot for decades.

“A lot of residents–five–have been killed at that intersection,” Manier said. “120 something accidents, so it’s been a problem for a long time. Getting that signalized and getting that alignment so that people would be able to travel back and forth safety across that bypass is huge.”

LaHood said the $4 million is coming from a community funding project and will help to realign the intersection, where he said there’s been about 167 accidents in the past two decades.

“This money is going to help put in a new stop light there [and] help reduce the traffic congestion there,” LaHood said.

City leaders said the divided highway crossed by a regular road wasn’t originally designed to meet the area’s current traffic flow.

They said about 10,000 cars travel in one direction daily and about 3,000 travel in the other.

“This is going to be money well spent. It’s going to help the community and it’s going to help to reduce traffic accidents at that location,” LaHood said.

LaHood also announced an additional $500,000 in funding will go toward the Washington Police Department’s evidence locker and equiptment.

Jeff Stevens, Deputy Chief of the Washington Police Department, said this money will help foster a more efficient system.

“It’s going to make officer’s job’s a ton easier, it’s going to make the administration job a lot easier as well,” Stevens said. “[Funds] will go towards traffic safety, towards better storage of physical evidence, of electronic evidence, of integrating all of the evidence.”

LaHood said money for the projects should have a final passage in December and flow into the community going into he next year.

He also said net year is when construction on Nofsinger Road should start and a ribbon cutting ceremony for the updated intersection should follow after.