LAKE CLARK, Alaska (WMBD) — Camping is a great chance to be immersed in nature, but one camper in Alaska might have gotten more than they bargained for.

The Lake Clark National Park & Preserve Facebook page shared a video on Oct. 31 of a person inside a tent shining a light through their tent screen at night and finding it covered in Daddy Long Legs.

The national park shared a follow-up video the next day explaining the spider’s behavior. According to the post, daddy longlegs sometimes form thick clusters called aggregations.

The park district stated that researchers speculate that the aggregations occur for mating, deterring predators and humidity control.

“Daddy longlegs are prone to drying out, so clustering together allows them to create an environment to maintain body humidity.”

Lake Clark National Park & Preserve

Both videos are credited to the National Park Service Video and E. Kramer.