PEORIA, Ill (WMBD) — The need for convalescent plasma donations is increasing as COVID cases spike in the region.

The chief medical officer at Unity Point Health said plasma is in the red, which means it’s running low.

Unity Point Health medical officials say the plasma is used to treat those in the hospital with the virus. With levels running low, the plasma is being given on an as-needed basis.

Depending on the person, some donors, will give more quality donations. Dr. Samer Sader with Unity Point explains how plasma improves the recovery of a patient.

“There seems to be a benefit regarding how long they’ll need oxygen or the need for having an intubation or being on a machine to breathe for them,” said Dr. Sader.

Experts say, those who have surpassed 28 days of recovery can give plasma, but after three months the chance to donate drops drastically.

Here is the link to become a plasma donor.