As temperatures rise, farmers expect corn crops to grow

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CENTRAL ILLINOIS (WMBD) — Corn seed is in the ground and now sprouting across central Illinois.

Some farmers said they’re expecting a good crop and hope weather cooperates throughout the summer.

“The weather is a little uncomfortable for us with the heat and humidity, but that’s what crops love,” said Emden corn farmer Kent Kleinschmidt.

His corn is on its way up.

“It hasn’t been perfect, but I say it’s a good growing season so far,” he said.

Kleinschmidt planted his crops on time in late April, but said low temperatures led to a slow start.

“It was very cold in May, so we had some late freezes, [but] it didn’t affect the corn,” said Kleinschmidt.

But, another challenge cropped up: rain.

“Mother nature is the number one risk I would say for our farmers,” said Lindsay Mitchell, director of communications for Illinois Corn Growers Association. “You never know what you’re going to get in terms of weather, and weather can make or break your crop.”

Kleinschmidt said on multiple occasions, he got more than two inches of rain.

“We had some ponding, but luckily the water went down quick enough and got off the crops so it survived,” said Kleinschmidt.

Mitchell said farmers are expecting more growth as hotter temperatures arrive.

“Most everybody says that with these warmer temperatures they’re seeing their crops really popping out of the ground, growing, doing very well,” said Mitchell.

Kleinschmidt says he’s hopeful for sunshine, heat, and some timely rain the rest of the growing season.

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