Bloomington officials advise bars, restaurants to comply with mitigations

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BLOOMINGTON, Ill. (WMBD) — Bloomington officials are urging bars and restaurants to comply with local and state COVID-19 regulations.

Over the past week, complaints and reports against 12 businesses in the twin cities for allegedly violating COVID-19 mitigations sparked a special meeting with the city’s liquor commission Friday afternoon.

Mayor Tari Renner said he hopes bars and restaurants take heed to Friday’s meeting and consider it a warning that he expects them to follow Governor J.B. Pritzker’s regulations as the region begins Tier 3 mitigations.

“Public safety is our highest priority, it has to be,” Renner said. “And given the recent spike regionally and nationally, we obviously have to act and act as decisively as we can.”

He said the commission will not pursue action against 11 of the businesses, however, one bar, Daddios, was fined $500 after a video recently went viral of its packed venue.

Renner said going forward the city wants compliance but will enforce defiance.

“We want to be sure that everybody understands that we’re on the same page,” Renner said. “What we expect, they’ve got to protect public safety. We cannot have incidents like we had last weekend. They’re unacceptable in our community.”

Renner said he wants the health department to step up and enforce the mitigations as well. He said there was some confusion amongst business owners on whether or not the health department could enforce the state’s regulations.

He said the liquor commission is limited and can only go after establishments with liquor licenses, but he said the health department has the authority to shut down any establishment posing a health risk to the community.

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