EAST PEORIA Ill. (WMBD) — Students, faculty, and alumni are celebrating 100 years of East Peoria Community High School.

Hundreds of people came to the high school Sunday afternoon to take a look back at the last 100 years of school history.

On display were guided tours, historical artifacts from each decade, and every yearbook since 1923.

“I was actually going through all the yearbooks in one of my classes and I was mind blown by all the different traditions we used to have and all the different names and clubs and it was really cool. Some things I’m like I wish we still did that and kept that going,” said class of 2024 student president Kenneth Hoosen.

Hoosen went on to speak about how much he enjoyed talking with past generations of alumni about how much the school has changed over the decades.

“One lady said how during their P.E. class they’d go camping during their 1st hour and make smores. I don’t know how they were doing that but it sounds interesting and little things like that. Things that we wouldn’t even think of doing now-a-days and it was so normal for them back then,” said Hoosen.

Along with the history of the school, the students and faculty are looking to the future. A time capsule loaded with a 2023 yearbook, a chrome book, athletic jerseys and other artifacts from the current class body will be placed in the schools courtyard to be opened in 50 years.