Former Peorian now in Texas, experiences Hurricane Hanna

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McALLEN, TEXAS — This weekend Hurricane Hanna slammed the coast of Texas bringing heavy winds and rains.

The category 1 hurricane made landfall around 5:00 p.m. at around 90 mile per hour winds. Most are without power following flooding and high winds.

Courtesy: Chris Ardis

Former Peorian and now Texas local, Chris Ardis said this isn’t her first rodeo with a tropical storm since living in Texas and that she’s one of few who has electricity.

“One other time, I experienced a level one hurricane, that was quite frightening as well, it’s the wind that scares me a lot more than the water,” Ardis said. “For me it’s the sounds, when you hear wind and hear something crack and not sure what it is.”

Courtesy: Chris Ardis

Ardis, who lives alone said it’s even scarier being by herself in the storms, but is fortunate to not have sustained major damage. She said she relies on weather updates and alerts to get her through the unknowns of the storm.

So far, no deaths have been reported in connection to the storm.            

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