Four candidates running for Mayor of Elmwood

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ELMWOOD, Ill. (WMBD) — In Elmwood, four candidates are running for Mayor.

WMBD spoke with each candidate about the focuses of their campaigns and what they would do for the community.

Candidate David Ramsay said the central business district is a focus and says it’s been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The central business district and the businesses need a lot of attention, a lot of support from the community. I’m hoping we can bring that,” said Ramsay.

Ramsay said he’s lived in Elmwood for almost 50 years and said he wants to address minor infrastructure issues.

“Infrastructure projects don’t go away they’re renewing every year and we’ll continue to focus our efforts on that,” said Ramsay.

Candidate David Courson said he wants to look at the future of Elmwood and put defined plans in place.

“One of the main things would be to ensure that there’s a one-year, three-year, five, and a 10-year plan for water and sewer maintenance and development and also for street maintenance and development and to address surface water drainage.”

Courson said the COVID-19 pandemic brought the importance of working and learning from home and having the resources to do so to the forefront too.

“I’d like to make sure our internet and cellular telephone providers have a long range plan to serivce Elmwood,” said Courson.

Candidate Brandon Butler said he wants to provide a better future for young people in Elmwood.

“From the first month, I’m going to start a youth mentorship program here in town to help our kids here,” said Butler.

Butler said it’s also important to work with Peoria and surrounding communities to ensure growth.

“When we lose jobs and people are moving away, that’s going to affect us. If Peoria is bringing in jobs and if I can help with that and bring in jobs for our people,” said Butler.

Candidate John Hulslander said he was previously Mayor from 2009 to 2017. He said he’ll bring previous experience to the job.

“I was mayor during the tornado and recovering during 2010 to present and I think I could hit the ground running and not have any hiccups or anything,” said Hulslander.

He said he wants Elmwood to continue to grow and be maintained.

“I’m the chairman of the economic development committee currently, so I think if we can keep Elmwood viable, keep business here and attract new businesses, it’d be a great benefit,” said Hulslander.

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